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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Great Warranties…. Great Product… Great Craftsman

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By Suzanne O'Connor

Buying good product and working with great craftsman pays off in the long run when you have to maintain items in your home.

We found that our front door lock was not performing properly. We were having trouble getting into the house. The lock originally came with the house ten years ago. It was a Baldwin lock. They had a lifetime warranty. But we had no sales receipt. No proof of purchase. So we took several pictures of the door lock and sent them in. Sure enough, Baldwin sent the parts free of charge and we fixed it. A locksmith would have charged $200 for a house visit and $200 in parts. Lifetime warranty with Baldwin, means lifetime!

We also wanted to add a shine to our hardwood floors that we had refinished 10 years ago. A quote from a flooring guy came in at $800 for a polishing and ALL furniture would have to be removed. I wasn’t interested in paying that much or dealing with the furniture issue. So after digging around on the web, I came across Weimans Restore and Polish for Hardwood Floors. In a word, Awesome! Clean floor, spread on, let dry and after an hour and poof…. Floors looked great!

Some of our furniture needed refinishing/ sprucing up. I pulled out the Howard’s Restore a Finish and added life to a couple of pieces that should have been trashed. Easy peasy!

Lastly, our classic, 1920’s Basket Weave tile floor had a few cracks that needed repair. A new floor was out of the a question cause it would mean a whole new bathroom.
We called Tom at B-Sealed. He restores vintage tile floors and is an expert in Batchelder Fireplaces.

He filled the cracks with mortar, then hand painted every detail so it matches the existing 1920’s tile. Incredible attention to detail. 3 cracks repaired and painted for $375. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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