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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fun With Hubby

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By Suzanne O'Connor

I normally shop and do store research alone.  It’s faster, more efficient and I can stay better focused. But, lately I’ve been taking my husband with me when I research. Web dude is a really funny guy. He jumps right in exploring every store, pulling items to show me he thinks are great deals. He has lot’s of enthusiasm.

When he went with me to the DWR Outlet, he vanished the second we walked in and within a few minutes I saw him holding a “personal lamp”. He went gaga over it. Then he was sitting in every chair, every sofa, was opening and checking the closing of cabinets and drawers. He kept saying how neat, “how cool”, “this is great” with a glee I haven’t seen since we went to a train museum.

He show’d me the iconic designs. I talked to him about the woods, fabric and construction that really made these pieces so great. I think he sat in every single chair there. It made it a really fun time.

Then when I took him to an exercise equipment outlet, he disappeared again, jumping on and trying out every single piece of equipment. Every treadmill, every elliptical, every bike. I kept hearing him in the distance say things like “Whoa” and “This is cool”. When he finished he had a glisten of sweat on his brow and a funny grin on his face.

He pulled out his tape measure and measured a few pieces to see if they’d fit in our offices. Oh boy.

Maybe I should take him with me more often. He did make these excursions much more fun.

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