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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fry’s Mystifies

By Suzanne O'Connor

When my husband couldn’t find the specific kind of power cord he wanted for our computer set up on the internet, he went straight to Fry’s. For many peeps, Fry’s for years was the “Go To” for all things electronic. From Home Theater to appliances and all sorts of gadgets, this was the place. The staff was smart, helpful, the selection was massive and prices … low!

I rarely join him on these trips, but I did this time and was stunned how small the crowds were and how nearly empty the shelves were.

WTH happened? Competition on the internet? More than likely that’s a huge issue for them.

It almost looked like they were closing. But apparently that’s not the case. They are in fact selling product from the stores on the internet and their spokes man denies they are closing. But the shelves were at least 50% empty and the crowds of shoppers were much smaller in numbers.

I for one, hope they are just re-organizing. I would miss the Burbank location with the cool Alien spaceship motif and in-store 1950’s displays. They even have a version of a drive in theater where you can eat snacks in vintage cars while watching an old 1950’s Sci-Fi film. If you’ve got kids, you should take them just to see the huge interior displays of an alien spaceship, aliens, army jeeps and soldiers mock- up fighting the aliens. It’s that cool!

While I was pondering what was going on, I noticed the pricing though still good, was not as low as I remembered.

The selection was also not near as good in the electronic accessories. We didn’t find what we came for. They had a good selection of appliances, TV’s, computers, phones accessories and gadgets competitively priced. But it still, isn’t close to what it was.

Not one sales person gave me a straight answer when I asked what was going on with the store. I had to search online for some kind of formal statement.

So I’m mystified.

I would suggest we all start shopping there to keep em going, but we wasted 1 ½ hours driving to it and searching the store. Very few of us have time like that to waste. I am gonna check their website for items first, instead of Amazon. Haven’t had much luck with Amazon this Summer anyway.

Fry’s closing would be a loss…. Hoping that’s not their future.

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