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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Frugal Valentines Day Ideas

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By Suzanne O'Connor

Yes to Flowers! Yes to jewelry! Yes to dinner!
But what if your bank account says NO? The most important element in any Valentines Day gift are thoughtfulness, effort and time.

So may I suggest the following:

For All Romantics:
- Instead of giving flowers, give a “live” plant they can plant in their garden.

-Deliver one long stemmed, red rose everyday to their office for a week. Labor intensive… but a great way to get your point across!

-Hide Valentines Day cards (hand made or store bought) in places where “he” or “she” will find them.

-Memorize a Shakespeare sonnet (118 is a good standard) and deliver it at an appropriate moment.

-Create a romantic dinner at home. Cook up a special menu, set an appropriate dining table and play soft music. Dress for the occasion.

-Learn “I love you” in as many languages as you can. Write them down in personal notes and deliver them with gifts of scented soap, lotions and bath oils…

-Romantic coupon books filled with massages, star gazing, wine tasting and other romantic IOU’s.

-Go out for a picnic. Load up on delectable gourmet foods from Trader Joes.

For Those of Us Already Married or With Kids:
- Plan ahead to give yourself the night off. Have the kids go to a friend’s or relative’s house for the night. Then create a romantic home cooked dinner, stream a favorite movie and snuggle up.

-Take her to Victoria Secrets and help her choose an outfit. Follow up with a nice meal and ….

-Surprise your loved one when they come home from work. Load up on dozens of candles from tapers to votives. (99 cent only stores).  Light and set them around the house. When they arrive home from work, greet them with a glass of wine with the warm romantic glow from the candles.

-Frame the lyrics to your wedding or special love song… or sing it!

-Have your kids create their Valentines! Draw pictures of hearts, a bouquet or even a “best mom” ”best dad” and frame it.

-If mom or dad is a chocoholic, a large hand-painted mug with sumptuous chocolate mix is a good bet.

- Make a family Valentine of chocolate fondue.
This is also great for teens and their friends.

The true art of romance is making your special someone feel special. It has nothing to do cost and has everything to do with making someone feel cared about. The little details, effort and thoughtfulness that go into your Valentine gift matter the most.

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