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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Dumb Shopping Mistakes

By Suzanne O'Connor

Our recent move went super smoothly. We only realized after we moved into a cute new abode, how much stuff we needed.

One absent irritation I tried to fix was getting new daily placemats. I had thrown out our old cork backs, hard placemats due to their age and signs of wear. These are easy to wipe down and throw in a drawer after use. They always look good and go with both formal and informal settings.

Seems simple right? Just go buy some new ones. Easy peasy.

Well I get on Amazon and try to buy the cork back, hard placemats I so dearly loved.
$39 for 4…. Nah, too much money.

So I go to EBay hoping for a better deal. I find some new, boxed William Morris patterned cork placemats for $19 for 4. I excitedly bought 2 sets… from England. They came with free shipping too.

They arrive and to my total dismay they are too small. I check the listing and the dimensions are in centimeters, not inches. I felt so unbelievably stupid for not realizing that. I know better and have a ruler with both centimeters and inches literally on top of my desk. Had I not been so excited by the pattern and the low price, I may have noticed. What I got would only work for a cup and saucer… not a full dinner setting.

But the insult to my injury gets worse. The company does take returns, but I have to pay for shipping which, as it turns out, it exactly what I paid for them. So I am keeping them.

Have no idea what I am going to do with them…. Maybe coasters for parties to protect the furniture or trivets for the table.

Either way I still don’t have any placemats and hubby is teasing me about my goof up daily.

Next time…. I’ll read EVERYTHING and take measurements.

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