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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Clearing Out the Old

By Suzanne O'Connor

We bought new clothes this winter. We hit the sales and bagged some amazing items. Since there was no space to fit our new wardrobe items into our closets and drawers, it was time for a clean out. With the rainy weather, it was a good time to get on it.

Shamefully, we used the back of our closet as a catch all space for our extra stuff. In the back corner were the 8 silk drape panels. I kept 4 and donated 4.  Shoes, scarves, moth eaten cashmere sweaters and vests were also donated. Old area rugs we used for rainy days were thrown out. Decorative feather pillow inserts were sorted & bagged, keeping some, donating the rest.

I hesitated on some clothing pieces, holding onto on several items. An older cable knit wool cardigan, a lambskin leather motor cycle jacket and classic Burberry Trench coat. All are well loved, needing cleaning and restoration, which is being done.

Household items were boxed, labeled and stored on the higher shelves. Additional hooks were put up for our hats and belts. Clothes were brushed off, then re-hung and sorted into his & hers sections by vests, tanks, shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, skirts, coats and dresses.  Yay! now we had space!

Then I went into our drawers, reorganizing sorting and clearing out items. Hubby had tons more clothes to throw out than I. We saved a few beloved clothing items, hanging them up in the opened up closet.

Worn out tees and hoodies were not fit to donate. So I cut them up to reuse for cleaning & dusting.  Getting more use out of them before they go into the landfill.

Now that it’s all done, we can find our clothes items quickly, close our drawers easily and see what staple wardrobe pieces work well with our newer pieces. Sweet!

Now were ready for the Spring Sample Sale season

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