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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Car Shopping

By Suzanne O'Connor

Our beloved Subaru Forester got totaled couple weeks ago. In the pre dawn hours someone hit our parked car, pushing it 40 feet into our neighbors front yard, then fled the scene. Police were called along with a tow truck.  Our Foresters Transmission was shredded, frame bent and the 4-wheel drive train was shot. They had have been going over 50 on a small neighborhood side street. Thank God for insurance. Once again we have to take time out to hunt for car.

First, after paying off the remainder of our Forester loan, we got financed through our Credit Union at 2.99%.  We also went through our the last two years to find out gas, repairs and other costs of the car were so we had an idea of what we had been spending and what we could spend on a new car without killing our budget.

So if we went used, we wanted a Certified Car that came with a better warranty. So we went to Enterprise Car Sales. Here all cars are at the non-negotiable lowest price and Certified by AAA/ ASE with 180 point check.  We drove 8 different cars from Lexus to Nissan and Toyota to Ford. We liked the zip of the Versus, Prius and the smoothness of the Camry. The 2015 Prius 3 was highly rated and a great deal at $17,000. Tempting. But we had just started our hunt. That car sold that night.

We went to Bob Smith Toyota where we test drove a couple of used Prius C’s priced at under $14,000. Great price, but the Prius C do not have enough power for us. Going up a steep mountain road seemed difficult for that car.

Then we went to the Kia dealership in Glendale where we test drove the new Optima, the Forte and the Soul. Like them all!  Highly rated. So we went in for pricing and got handed over to 3 different managers to negotiate. Hate that bullshit. So we left.

Then we went to Toyota of Glendale and looked at used, Certified Prius 2 there. Found a 2014 with 55,000 miles on it for $15, 285. A good deal. But I wanted to look on the web before we purchased.

Good thing I did. I found 2 different, Certified 2015 Prius 2 for $15,200 (37,000 miles) and $15,900 ($35,000 miles). The first had sold when I called. The second Prius was at Toyota AutoNation where their used cars are priced at the lowest possible non negotiable price. It was still there, but in Buena Park…. 50 miles away. We decided it was worth it to drive that far for a newer used car with 20,000 less miles on it than the Glendale Prius we found closer to us.

Got there, drove it, loved it, bought it.

We figure our monthly costs would drop by at least $100 -$150 a month just in gasoline costs by purchasing a Prius.  Plus we got the car at way below the market of 19,000. Saving us thousands in financing alone.

We still love Subaru’s, always will. They are really great cars. But we don’t need 4-wheel drive right now and we needed a break on our monthly gasoline expenses. So now we’re Prius owners.

We have a GPD detective on the hunt for the jerk that hit us.

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