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Monday, August 06, 2018

Big Savings, Little Savings

By Suzanne O'Connor

Kevin & I went in early to the Robin’s Jean Warehouse Sale to shoot some video and finally meet the designer, Robin.

Robin was a delight. Smart, gracious and charming! After a great visit and quickie video shoot, we were allowed to shop the sale early. We were actually blown away with the quality and craftsman ship of these jeans. They are really beautifully made.

After 40 minutes we walked away with 9 pairs of jeans, paying $280 instead of $2300. YAY!

We were so happy with our haul. But it was one of those unplanned purchases.

Since we are a height challenged couple, every single pair has to be hemmed. Even at our well-priced Drycleaners, they charge $10 a pair to hem. Add in our regular dry cleaning and the bill could be upwards of $140. Not good for our budget since we had just dropped $280.

I didn’t have a very busy schedule so I thought I should save us the $90 expense and hem them myself. I’m not a professional seamstress, but I can sew a straight line, (Thanks to 8th grade Home Ec.). So Friday night I got busy measuring, pinning, ironing and prepping each pair for sewing. Saturday I pulled out the sewing machine and got busy.

Wouldn’t ya know it, just as I got part way into my first pair, the sewing machine broke.  The feeder wasn’t feeding and it was making a funky clunking noise. I may be able to sew a straight line, but I don’t understand the inner workings of a sewing machine.

Our repair guy recommended a full servicing at $90 but after he saw the disappointed look on my face, he said he’d do some tweeking on it so I could finish my project for $34. Machine runs better now, but he made me promise to bring it back this fall for a full servicing. Done!

Our Robin’s Jean pants are now hanging in our closet, ready for wear. Kevin wore his when we went to see MI: Fallout.

After the sewing machine repair, I only saved $56.  Little bit here, little bit there, does adds up!

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