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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

BargainsLA Anniversary Year

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By Suzanne O'Connor

As the New Year unfolds, I am reminded that was started in 1999.
This is our 20th Anniversary of helping you save money. How cool is that!!!

The beginnings of BargainsLA were uneventful.

At a family dinner at my moms place, I complained about being so far away from home all the time with a new baby and wishing I had a stay at home gig. Mom complained about how confusing the web was and how badly she needed to have a website for her well-established LA’s Best Bargains biz.

Hubby solved both problems with the idea that we could run the site. An idea was formed and by Fall 1999, we launched.

Far from perfect, the site was pretty basic. As the years went on we added sections, did major redesigns, but stuck to our motto of “Quality at a discounted price” and keeping the public’s interest first.

Mom started the Frugal Bugle awards way back in 1980… I was still in school. We continued the tradition when we started BargainsLA.

20 years of top ten winners and honorable mentions!

So I went thru all the Frugal Bugle, Top Ten Winners starting with 1999 and found that out of the over 200 businesses that were named Top Ten Frugal Bugle Winners,  only 78 are still in business.

This year, along with brand new outlet finds, I am going to revisit those old stores & businesses and see if they still hold up as great bargain shopping places.

This is gonna be fun!

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