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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Automation Irritation

By Suzanne O'Connor

I avoid self check out.

Though I have given in on occasion, I find that the self checkouts don’t work all that well, making it take longer than it should.  It also irritates me that I am paying retail and getting no service. Plus though low paying, those are jobs lost while the corporation makes more money for less service.

So Saturday morning I realize I need gift wrapping paper for a event that day. I’m in a rush, haven’t had coffee or a shower and the closest store that sells wrapping paper is Target. I rarely, if ever, shop Target anymore. But since I was in a predicament, I go.

No one was in the store except staff at 8am. I quickly find the wrapping paper and head for check out. The floor I was on only had self check out. So I head downstairs, but there was only self check out there too.

In a 20,000 square foot store, there is not one clerk for check out? Seriously?

But customer service is open.

So I ask the two ladies working that counter if I they could check me out. They both chime in saying, “ The self check out is open”.  “Yes I know”, I said, “ I don’t like self check out”. They say, “ But it’s open. You are supposed to do self check out.”  I respond, “I never do what someone thinks I’m supposed to do.”These ladies roll their eyes at me and start checking me out.

I must have come off as an irrational, annoying customer. Truly I don’t give a ####. When I can get better customer service at a Sample Sale than a corporate retail giant, it says something about who they, the corporations, think we are.

Falling in line with what is pushed on us as consumers by stores & corporations weakens our position. I don’t have to accept self check out. I don’t have to accept no service, high prices or the newest BS they want us to accept.  The future is what we accept it is, what we make it. Not what the corporations push on us.

If I want to do it all myself, I have Amazon. If I walk into a retail store, I want some service. Oh, and please don’t tell me how I am supposed to behave.

Yes, I did write a lengthy complaint to corporate.

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