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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

A Risky Purchase

By Suzanne O'Connor

After running around town doing errands last weekend, we happened upon an Estate Sale late Saturday afternoon. I was exhausted, irritable and hungry from running around all day.  But the home was a 1920’s, 2-story Spanish, my favorite and I really wanted to see the interior.

This beautiful home was well maintained with tons of original, era specific design elements intact.  Original wood floors, wrought iron lighting fixtures, barrel ceilings and a Batchelder fireplace. As I toured around gawking at the details, I walked into the back bedroom were there were racks & racks of early to mid 2000 women’s designer & brand name clothing in my size (0-4). Seriously! I never find clothes at Estate Sales.

An hour of rummaging later, I have 3 pairs of Banana Republic pants, a Ralph Lauren silk & lace blouse and a Marc Jacobs leather coat in my arms.

You can’t try on clothes at Estate Sales. But I was able to try on the leather coat. The pants and blouse were trickier. Since you can’t count on sizing, I always keep measuring tape in my handbag.

I pulled out my measuring tape and did what I always do at Sample Sales. I measure the waist, hips, and rise of the pants to insure fit. I also carefully examined each piece.  At $2- $3 each piece, it was seriously cheap. Since the bulk of the money spent was on the coat at $25, I thought it was well worth the risk and took them all.

I found hubby in the garage of the home picking up an old school metal shovel for $3, a hand held slingshot and some plastic storage bins for $1 each. Useful stuff to be sure, but not near as much fun as my finds.

After we got home I tried everything on. Thankfully, everything fit. One pair of pants should be hemmed and everything goes go to the cleaners, (except the coat) for another 30 bucks. But I still scored.

Classic, well fitting pants, gorgeous silk blouse and a lambskin leather coat for a pittance.
An un-planned, risky purchase worked out great. All cause I love touring 1920’s Spanish homes.

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