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Monday, May 28, 2018

A New Grill

By Suzanne O'Connor

Back in 2008, I uncovered a liquidator who had a ton of Australian made patio furniture, BBQ s and complete outdoor islands at 40-80% off original retail. The pricing was unbelievable. We walked away with a Signature S3000E Beef Eater (4 burner) grill. The MSRP was $1899. Here it was only $397. Already assembled we threw in the back of the SUV and gleefully headed home.

For 10 years Hubby grilled every weekend, even during the winter. We grilled pork chops, steaks, chicken, kabobs, burgers and every vegetable imaginable. But now the grills had corroded so much, we knew it had come to the end if it’s life, unless we wanted to replace the grills at $180 each. Ya… No.

So the hunt started. Our budget was tight at $300. So unless I could find a great BBQ at a great outlet, buying that same level of quality was out of our price range.

Sadly, that original liquidator was only a temporary outlet. I started hunting everywhere checking online, out of the way Outlets and Liquidators. I couldn’t find one that fit our needs and had a decent quality level.

By March, the grills on our old BBQ were so far gone, Hubby couldn’t grill on it anymore. Grilling made Hubby happy. We want him happy. I kept on the hunt.

By Memorial Day weekend we thought our regular BBQ’s were a thing of the past. Then a quick stop into Home Depot for some Rose Fungicide had us eyeing a Nex-Grill 4 burner, gas BBQ. It had 4 stainless steel grates as opposed to the ceramic grates that we know fall apart in a couple of years. At $279 it was well priced at medium quality. It was not a steal, but fairly priced special on Memorial Day Weekend.

We went home to do our due diligence. Hubby spent 3 hours on the web researching.
Of course other grills like Weber & Lynx came up as better quality. But they were out of our price range. We have to stay within our budget. Char-Broil and Dyna Glow came up as pretty good. But after inspection, we didn’t like the grills or the knobs.

We again checked other Memorial Day Sales, but didn’t see what we liked. Then we checked the cost for replacement parts for when the grills and burners wear out. Much cheaper than that Beef Eater brand… $18-$60 instead of $180 each .

Back we went to Home Depot to look again. We find out they are doing a 12-month no interest on a purchase of $300 or more. Add in a Grill cover and we’re set.

Having successfully done that at Lowes last year, we knew we could do it at Home Depot and not fall into the trap of accrued interest after 12 months. We hadn’t used my Home Depot Card in 4 years. I didn’t have it on me. No problem, they just looked me up.

So Hubby got his BBQ. With the stupid, instructions, he spent 3 hours putting it together.

It isn’t the best quality on the market at the best price. But it is a decent grill at a fair price. But most importantly, Hubby is happy grilling again and our budget is intact.

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