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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

A Bargain Bust

By Suzanne O'Connor

Often while checking out outlets with steep discounts of 40%-90% off retail, I have to stop myself from shopping.
Generally, I yawn at 20% savings. I take note at 30%, I pay attention at 40% and am likely to look at 50% off original retail. Though I try to be careful, I will buy, regardless of need, at 80% off.
I just get a little too excited sometimes. And when it’s that much off, I love bagging a deal!

Keep in mind, items steeply discounted have a reason they are so cheap. Finding that reason will lead to knowing whether it’s a good purchase or a bust. Is the product from last season? Was it a customer return? A closeout? Is it flawed in some way? Has it been refurbished? Did they just make too many? Is the business in financial distress?

Once you establish why it’s so steeply discounted, you can ascertain if it’s perfectly useable, fits with your lifestyle, or if it’s too risky a purchase.
Just this last week I found a super cute, NWT white eyelet dress at an outlet for $3.49 that retailed originally at $64. I held it up, checked measurements, but didn’t try it on…. even though there were try on rooms.

At $3.49, I thought it was worth the risk. I got home and tried it on. It fit beautifully ...except that I could not lift my arms up in the dress. Damn!
Now if I want to keep the dress, I have to have a tailor work on it. I may just cut off the sleeves.

If you’re smart, and examine each product, you normally wont get an “oops” . But it does happen. If you can try on… DO IT! 

I got lazy and carried away with a steeply discounted product.

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