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Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Bad First Impression

By Suzanne O'Connor

So much of the communication I do now is thru text, emails, Facebook messaging etc. It’s very uncommon to actually talk to anyone anymore. Words can be and often are misconstrued if you can’t hear the inflection behind them. Emoji’s just don’t cut it. Person to person, face to face conversations convey so much more that just words.

So, last year, I had several, what I read as very “mean” emails cross my desk from a representative of an off price retailer. Offended, I just stopped talking about them.

Well on a trip down to the O.C to visit an exciting new outlet, that store owners raved about how great these guys were and that I really should meet them. I really didn’t want to meet or talk to them. It’s hard facing people who you think dislike you. But I did anyways, just because in the back of my mind I thought, “what if I’m wrong?”

Braced for what I thought could be a difficult confrontation, I introduced myself to the owner, Scott of Alternative Retail in Santa Ana.

Wow, was I ever wrong. What I met was a smart, nice, forthright, honest guy. When I mentioned the “mean” emails, I had received, he said they hadn’t come from him and that he was sorry I had felt that they didn’t like me.

I’m not sure who sent those emails and I hadn’t saved them. But I was wrong in my impression that these guys were A-holes.

I apologize for not including their sales in the weekly round up. This is a great off price retailer!

Every week they bring in new name brand / designer warehouse sale. The warehouse is well organized, well staffed with happy people, the savings are 40-75% off retail and the selection is always expansive.

I’m glad I took the chance and went in to meet them. My first impression was wrong.

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