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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

1980’s Technology Throwback

By Suzanne O'Connor

When I was little, my mom had an expensive heating pad that was in a word… AWESOME! She used it daily. It was worn, stained and faded, but keep working great. After she passed, I kept it and used it regularly till last summer when it’s early 1980’s technology finally broke down. It lasted over 30 years. Seriously!

My professional dancing days left me with a few injuries that as I have gotten older, come back to haunt me. I can’t live without a good heating pad and regular Chiropractic visits, which happily, keeps those old injuries in check.

So, this last week, when we stopped by an Estate Sale and we found the exact same, 1980’s Thermophore heating pad in it’s original box, unused and pristine condition, we had to buy it. 

We gave the unit a serious going over, looking for any signs of use or any miniscule flaw that could cause a problem. The package had never been opened and the heating pad was new, unused, clean, pristine and mint. We plugged it in, and used the heating lever. It got really hot.

The women’s daughter, who was holding the sale, said her mom had a couple of these and only used one, storing this one in a bedroom closet. I talked them down from $10 to $3, simply because anything electrical, that old could have a problem.

After we got home, we examined the original 1980’s retro packaging and directions for use. Surprisingly the original $50 receipt was still inside. According to Google, that would be about $300 today. The heating pad was made by Battle Creek Equipment Company, in Battle Creek, Michigan.

After trying it out this week, the whole family loves it. My athletic daughter uses it more than I do for her achy back, neck and legs. I am hoping it lasts awhile. But if not, Battle Creek Equipment is still around and still makes great moist heating pads.

The current model they have now, that is very similar to the 1980s version is the Thermaphore Classic Plus at $77.  I don’t know if their newer version will last 30 years, does anything any more? But I can tell you they do know a thing or two about moist heat therapy.

At just $3 , it was the best deal I got all week!

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