Creating an Outdoor Living Space

May 6, 2020

After the sale of our home last Summer, we unloaded most of our outdoor patio furniture and décor along with our BBQ. Since we were downsizing, we only kept 2 small wicker chairs out of the dozens of outdoor pieces we had.

Our new bungalow has an oddly diamond shaped patio area with a long walkway strip next to our kitchen. We didn’t really think about doing anything with it. Stuck the 2 chairs there and forgot about it.

But all that changed with “Safer at Home” Covid guidelines and mandates. Our need to be outside became apparent so we got busy putting together an outdoor area fit for meals, wine and work.

Not wanting to spend much money, we started scanning Craigslist, Nextdoor and online Estate Sales looking for “perfect” used patio items. We capped our budget at $200.

At one of the last “live” Estate Sales we found a 1950’s metal rocking chair and glass top side table. Both need repainting. But the rocker was so divinely soothing to rock in, we couldn’t pass them up at just $20.

On Craigslist we found a 6 burner, nearly new BBQ for $120 that originally went for over $800. Hubby was of course, thrilled with that purchase.

But finding a dining table that I liked at the right price proved to difficult, so we kept looking.

Meanwhile we found blue chair pads at a local Hardware store for $4 each. Picked up 4 of those even though we didn’t have a table set yet.

With only $40 left in our budget, I though the chance of finding something decent was caput and we‘d have to use a credit card somewhere.  But we kept looking anyway. 

And then…. Boom! On our local Nextdoor, someone had a Restoration Hardware black Mid Century styled metal dining table and 2 chair set for sale at $40. Only needing a bit of touching up, our 2 blue wicker chairs would work with it nicely too.

We decided that the outdoor area needed a fan to keep Summer Mosquitos at bay. Again we scanned Craigslist and Nextdoor looking for a ceiling fan w/ lights. We found two, 15 year old Hunter fans for just $20. After mixing and matching the parts of the two fans, we have a nice ceiling fan in our patio.

Though it isn’t perfect, our new outdoor space will give us a reprieve from always being inside.

Our final cost was $220. Money well spent to keep us sane during unstable times.