An Eventless Summer

August 25, 2020

This year I was so excited to have a slew of Summer events planned. With upcoming weddings and multiple events on the schedule, I set out to find the appropriate outfits.

I scoured off price stores picking up a basic Summer dress that would work for multiple events. But though it was really cute, this little peach lace dress just didn’t “thrill” me.

Then Covid-19 shut down happened and my dress hunting went online. In April I picked up a perfect dress for the July Garden Wedding I was going to on Poshmark for $50. It was currently selling at Nordstroms for $225. Who would have thought that this pandemic would run all Summer and weddings would be postponed to next Winter.

Then in May I found an amazing 1950’s styled shirt dress in a red & white seersucker fabric. Loved it! Thought it would work for a reunion luncheon in July. Picked that up for $22 instead of $340. Yep, that luncheon got cancelled too. In late June we had a couple weeks of stores being open and I found another dress on sale for $28 instead of $98 that would work for a Summer vacation we were planning. Loved it, bought it.

Then everything got shut down again.

I was still hopeful I could wear at least one dress for a 4 day road trip we were planning to see family in Sacramento and Oakland. So I picked up a couple pairs of wide legged pants for travel too.

Two days before the trip we order out from a favorite local restaurant. A Kale and fish salad.  I got real sick and 2 of the symptoms were listed as Covid-19 symptoms. So that trip got canceled too. Ends up that I just got food poisoning.

I spend most my time sitting in front of a computer in leggings and a t-shirt. I tend to only “dress” if I go out. Four super cute dresses and 2 pairs of pants are just hanging in my closet, unworn. Chances are I will not get to wear them at all this season.

I love Summer Events. I love going to evening concerts, BBQ’s, movies, road trips, weddings, luncheons, and seeing family and friends. None of that happened this year.

UGH! The best laid plans….