A New Bargain Hobby

January 18, 2021

Let me start by mentioning , I am a furniture whore. Seriously I love beautifully crafted furniture. It can be Mid Century or Spanish Baroque… I love it.

During the last week of December, we did the horrendously exhausting task of starting to help our family clear out their storage units in Sacramento. Much too exhausting a task for our elderly parents, we volunteered to clear out their stuff.

We rented a van, drove to Sacramento, stayed the night, got up early and took 7 hours to pull furniture and load the van from just one unit. I won’t mention the 100+ boxes we had to move out and then move back into the storage units. Still have to go through those.

Between loading, lifting, bending over and the drive, this adventure was overwhelming.
We stayed in bed for 2 days, and got a message and chiropractic care to recover.

We then started cleaning up the furniture, doing any needed repairs or re-upholstery so we could sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

Going through your family’s accumulated stuff isn’t usually fun. But this was. This side of our family goes back to the War of Independence and so does their stuff. We’ve learned a great deal about cleaning, sanding, fixing and restoring old furniture.

That said, the authentic Mid Century Modern Lounge chairs and teak dining sets sold lightening fast as did some old 1900’s English pieces. A 19th Century Folk Art Doll House was the most fun. Our daughters Millennial friends want to restore it and I get to help!

I oddly found this process of cleaning up and restoring old furniture fun and rewarding. It allows us to help financially support our family as well as the satisfaction of restoring beautiful and useful items.

With two more units to go, we are going back up this February.

In the meantime, I am aware of how much good quality furniture often just sits out curbside or in the dumpster. I have dumpster dived twice since, pulling out an old 1930’s pine distressed vanity and an amazing, slightly distressed cherry dresser. This is where my penchant for finding the most expensive thing in a store pays off. Only this time, it’s for “used” items that have been trashed or found at garage sales.

Seriously, this could be a new hobby. I may post some of my finds on BargainsLA Facebook.