A Day of Discovery

September 29, 2020

With most antique shops now open, my daughter and I decided a girls day out shopping at antiques stores was needed.

I’ve always enjoyed antiquing. You can see American History in a whole new way at an antique shop. Obsolete fads, past art movements, historical toys, news clippings, home design trends, advertising artifacts and more all show up at antique stores giving you a unique glimpse of history.

This was a good time for us to look. She needs a new dresser and dining chairs for her 1940’s drop leaf farm table. I was on a mission of finding out what styles, types of antiques she liked. Her tastes are different than mine, so it was a day of discovery.

The best priced antique shops are out of our immediate area. But some good moderately priced stores are within driving range. So we headed down to Whittier to King Richards Antique Mall and A-Z Mart.

King Richards is an old Citrus Packing Plant.  It’s huge, with three levels, dozens and dozens of dealers. It’s got both kitchy “bric a brac” and vintage and antique furniture & decor.

We spent 2 1/2 hours browsing there. We deeply investigated some things and I got a sense of what she actually knew about furniture, history and design taste. I shared tips, insight and gave her as much information as I knew when she saw a piece she liked.

She was fascinated at the 1870’s sleigh and I was dumbstruck by the turn of the last century diving gear.

After browsing a bit, she decided she needed a high boy dresser for her small bedroom and was drawn to Chippendale, Georgian and Sheraton styles. She likes darker woods… Walnut and Mahogany, but also admired burled Maple and Birch.

We inspected everything she liked. We sat in dining chairs, opened & closed drawers and cabinets. Checked construction, joints and wood content. She saw & absorb a ton of information.

Of course, we found exactly what she wanted at A-Z Mart just down the street from King Richards. A Georgian styled highboy/ Gentlemens chest  from the 1950’s. At $375 it was fairly priced. Average retail was $400. But once you added in taxes and delivery, the price shot up to $532. That was a no go unless she could find someone to pick it up for her free.

Furniture, especially hard-case goods, should be an investment. Putting in a little legwork to find that great piece at a great price is worth the work. Now I know what she likes and can keep an eye out for it.  We both had a fun day of discovery.