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April 30, 2013

Getting Fit for Summer

In January I started taken Cardio Ballet Barre classes out at the Eagle Rock Cardio Barre.
These were originally bought as a Groupon (10 classes for $55) back in November.

These are kick ass workout classes based on dance technique. You will sweat, you will shake from your effort and you will get stronger….

April 22, 2013

Maybe What You Need is What You Have

Every plan we had for fun this last weekend went kaput from one single decision….

We‘d been shopping for a new (old) china hutch for our breakfast room for several months. We had previously hit thrift, vintage and resale furniture stores, scoured Craigs List, gone to numerous Estate and garage sales. Our rustic pine cabinet worked, but blocked a needed window … and we didn’t love it.

April 15, 2013

Photo Printing

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Unexpected mistakes can happen anywhere. Even good businesses and good professionals can screw things up. That’s when good service really matters.

I recently had to get new professional head shots for my daughter, “the actress”. As a teenager she has some complexion issues, and some arose on the day of the photo shoot.

April 08, 2013

Back Pack Abuse

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If you’ve got kids, you probably have had experiences with school backpacks.

Over the years my daughter has had several. The last one was bought the summer before she started high school. We usually get a new one when the old one is too “dated” or ugly. But because we buy Jansport, I have never had to purchase a new back pack because the old one broke.

April 01, 2013

Santee Street

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Sometimes researching outlets and discounters doesn’t go as planned.

Friday I ventured downtown to research a hot spot for Prom Dress bargains… Noell. But there was a line to get in… Now what?

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