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May 30, 2012

The Problem with Sample Sales

I adore sample sales. You really can save serious money on cutting edge quality designs.
The problem is that you will be so excited about the savings, that you forget to use caution.

All Samples Sales should be approached with a bit of caution and a keen eye for garment cut and quality.

May 14, 2012

Huntington Library and Gardens

This last weekend for Mothers Day we decided to rein in our expenses and not do the standard brunch out. We decided to do it all ourselves and use the resources we had to keep the budget in check!

May 07, 2012

Print Cartridge Refills at Costco

Print cartridges are notoriously overpriced. You get printers for under a hundred bucks because the manufacturers know that they will make their real money with the cartridge. How much ink is in a 40 dollar cartridge… a tablespoon?  Ink costs are crazy. 8000 bucks a gallon crazy! Need to find a way to save some moolah on cartridges..

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