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May 22, 2011

Estate Sale Shenanigans

This last weekend, hubby & I went to this professionally organized estate sale by TLC Estate Sales. This was our first time going to one of their sales. Last year, after we bought our house, we needed some items and went to estate sales to find them. But now we don’t need hardly anything, so we mostly go for fun. Unless we know there is something there we know we want, we don’t get there right as the sale opens, but a few hours later.

May 18, 2011

Oliver’s Blunder

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Funny how one little event can spin your world out of control for a couple of days.

Our 1-year old cat, Oliver is now let outside for a couple of hours a day. At first he was supervised while he was learning the layout of the yard between the house and the office. Now we check on him ever half hour or he checks in with us in the office (we leave the door open for him). The transition seemed to be going smoothly and Oliver seemed to be careful… that is until he started chasing squirrels and birds.

May 02, 2011

Researching Matters

On days when I have to do research, I have learned how to dig for information without letting on what I am doing.

I tend to look around a boutique, warehouse or store for a bit, checking out product and pricing. If I like what I see or if I am on the fence about how good this spot is, I then strike up a conversation by asking a question of the sales clerk, manager or if I’m lucky… the owner.

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