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November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Online Shopping Tips

Cyber Monday is here and the next two weeks will bring some of the very heaviest online shopping weeks of the year. Like shopping everywhere, it’s buyer beware. So here are some tips to help you shop safely without letting the bad guys get your info.

November 21, 2009

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Julia Scott over at Bargain Babe recently asked shopping tips for Black Friday….
I don’t shop on Black Friday.

I hate Black Friday and avoid the insanity at all costs. The Black Friday shopping scene is unnecessary if you’ve been following my leads for deals. No need to participate in all the hysterics and chaos.


November 09, 2009

Friday Afternoon at Shane’s

Late Friday afternoon, after I had hit the Grand opening of the Junior Drake Outlet Store and had lunch with my best-est friend, Lizzie, I stopped in Shane’s Jewelry in Westwood. As usually the service and workmanship was impeccable. But I also got a history lesson.

November 08, 2009

A Great Gift for Guys

Giving a guy a great birthday gift is an art form.  Over the years I have given hubby a few flops and some real hits. The best, according to him was a surprise Birthday party and the worst was a gift card … boring!

So when his birthday was coming around again, getting him something was causing me stress. That is until I met my friend Lizzie for lunch.  She suggested ...

November 01, 2009

The Advantageous Shop-ortunity Sale

It’s here. The Fall Warehouse/ Sample Sale season has begun. Planning on which sales to hit often has to do with gifts that need to be bought and budget constraints. But there are other factors which should be considered. How common are these sales and how steep are the discounts.

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