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April 25, 2009

Don’t Buy Into the Cheap Designer Goods Hype

During this recession, and even before, I would hear about designers doing clothing lines for Target, H & M, JC Penny and such. These designers decided to tap into the lower priced market. This was a savvy business decision on their part, not an outreach program. These incredible designers used their good business sense to expand their brand and make more money. They know they’ll sell more product and get a greater audience at a lower price point. But that doesn’t mean they are cutting their profit margins.  Business is business. It means they’ll have their designs cut using lower quality cloth, and construction methods at a cheaper overseas factories that cost less. The result is a cheaper quality product. Period. These are not the same couture runway pieces that made these designers famous.

April 21, 2009

LF Warehouse Sale Dilema

haven’t always been very disciplined in the past when I decided to head to the LF Warehouse sale. I have overspent on items I didn’t really need.
Now though, I plan ahead and if I can’t afford to purchase, I simply don’t go. I have passed on many a sale where there was product I adored. No need to tease myself, or use credit cards or over spend. Since we are minding a tight budget these days, I am considering not going to my favorite all time sale, the LF Warehouse Sale. But then, there is always another side to any dilemma.

April 17, 2009

Revisiting Pillers

A jaunt into the South Bay had me stop at long time favorite Piller’s.
My gosh this store is overstuffed with deals…. Which makes it really hard to shop. But I knew some stellar deals would find me if I just hunted a bit.
I started in the back looking through box after box of designer shoes in my size. Some are current, some are several years out of style but all were higher end designers. Casadei,  Mia, Sigerson Morrison,  Stuart Weitzman, Ellen Tracy, Franco Sarto, Baci, Claudia Ciuti, Donald Pliner and Isabella Fiore. Prices here started at 50% off but many were at 90% off. … like the pair of Bettye Mueller sandals at $13 that were originally $132.

April 14, 2009

Why I Hunt for Deals on Ebay

I bargain hunt because I enjoy the chase. I enjoy finding a quality item at a superb price and then pouncing on it.  It’s not always about the deal but about the accomplishment. This is especially true if I had been hunting for a particular item for a while. When I transported my moms 1870 Victorian bedroom set from her place to ours, I somehow lost one of the drawer pulls. Knowing we had places like Liz’s Antique Hardware in L.A. and Crown Hardware in Pasadena, I wasn’t worried about replacing it

April 04, 2009

Handbag a Gaga

Lately I have been on a handbag kick. I have slowly been putting a good collection together. But I have had to stop that also as my tastes are somewhat expensive and I am out of room in my closet. But really, how many handbags does anyone person need?
Apparently a lot from watching the women goes bonkers at the Junior Drake Sale.  Since the savings ran from 60%-80%, they bought by the armload. Most bought 4-5 bags at once. I saw several purchases of over 20 bags!!! This was a crazy as the Isabella Fiore Warehouse sale, but just as enthusiastic

April 03, 2009

Bedding Saga

As any bargain hunter knows, it’s the thrill of the hunt and the deal that keeps us going. Occasionally, though… the hunt is not so much fun and you end up exhausted & frustrated from trying so hard.
If you read the last weeks blog, you’ll be familiar with the back-story of my great grandmothers Victorian bedroom set that was given to my daughter. The first problem was getting a mattress to fit it. With that problem solved I moved on to the next issue. The bedding

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