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Tutoring Deal

By Suzanne O'Connor

Our kid is in her last year of public high school. In all the years she’s been in school from pre-school to private school and then to public, the only thing I know for sure is that no one else is responsible for her education, but us. Not the government, not the city…. Just us.

I didn’t know that when we started out as newbie parents. But what I learned was to always be vigilant. Find out what’s being taught in class and how it is being taught.  Show up on campus, volunteer when you can, talk to your kids teachers and your kid. When your kid show an academic weakness address it. Utilize what your school or district offers and when that doesn’t work, bring in a tutor.

Tutoring our kid in several different subjects was the best investment in our daughter’s education we ever made. In Elementary school we used local AP high school students and teachers, In Middle School and High School we used professional tutoring firms and our neighbor (who’s a math wiz).

Yes, it is expensive, and we had to give up some of life’s perks. But now at the end of her schooling with college applications on the table, I can see the financial benefits. At the top 6% of her class, highly rated colleges are seeking her out with scholarship funding. 

Knowing that, I am pleased that Brain Food Tutoring is offering BargainsLA peeps a special discount of 30% off the regular rates.

Brainfood Tutoring is an in-home tutoring service for students from elementary school up through college. They have a tutor specialist for every school subject and standardized test, as well as for students with special needs.

Although they tutor all subjects and standardized tests, the most popular are Algebra, English, SAT / ACT, & ISEE

$52.15/hr for 30-hour package -$74.50 regular price
$55.65/hr. for a 20-hour package- $79.50/hr. regular price
$59.15/hr. for a 10-hour package-$84.50/hr regular price

And $66.15 / hr if purchasing individually. The best deal is in the package.

They’ve been in business since 2010 and have served clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and San Diego.  They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 as well.  Testimonials can be found on their site as well as their Youtube channel.

We are doing even more tutoring this semester, prepping for SAT’s, ACT etc. Even though she’s into the performing arts, college is still on the table and our job is to not send her out into the world a dummy.

I’ve always believed that all kids are capable of greatness, if given the right opportunity. As a parent, our job is to never give up and find that opportunity for our kids.