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By Suzanne O'Connor

I still remember the 1971 Sylmar earthquake. As a kid it scared the living $%#&!! out of me. Glass smashing, stuff breaking, wood splintering and of course I heard people screaming.

I remember seeing the hospital in Sylmar that had collapsed. I remember all the old cool craftsman homes in the Valley shaken completely off their foundations. I remember all the aftershocks. I remember the fear.

The 1994 Northridge earthquake made a serious, long lasting impression. It was incredibly loud and violent. I heard the bricks falling off my chimney. This was a really big, bad earthquake. When it was over we had no power, no water, no nothing except aftershocks for hours.

But time passes and you slowly but surely you lapse on your earthquake preparedness until you’re not prepared at all. Time to get back on the ball folks and here’s a great place to start.

At Survival Kits Online located in a small warehouse/ store off the beaten path in West Hills, you can get emergency preparedness kits for less. On average 20%-50% less. You can buy piece by piece or buy a pre-made kits.

A Deluxe 2 person survival kit in a backpack averages around $140 but it’s here at $99. Essential 2-person survival kit is $78 here instead of the average retail of $104. If you spend a lot of time in your car go for the commuter kit at $15.95 instead of $20 or be really prepared with the Urban Road warrior (20 pieces) at $65.95 instead of $98. There is a ton of stuff here for just about any scenario.

At Survival Kits you have a lot of choices and now that the immediate rush is over after our last shaker, you can talk to the experts here and have them help you put together a survival kit that meets your needs.

Survival Kits Online
7621 Woodlake Ave
West Hills , CA 91304

(877) 3-DAY-KIT (Toll Free) or
(877) 3-329-548 (Toll Free)
(818) 232-7664 (L.A. Area)

Or online at

Please get prepared, plan for the worst scenario.
Try these sources for guidance:

You can download or print the Los Angeles Fire Department book here

American Red Cross,1082,0_583_,00.html