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Semi Bath Redo

By Suzanne O'Connor

After our heavy January rains, we were forced to re-roof the flat part of our 1927 Spanish home. OY!  We also had to fix the badly damaged ceiling in the bathroom and wanted to replace our cabinet countertop.






We brought in a great guy to repair, secure and re-plaster our bathroom ceiling for $200, (Glenn Shelton 818/ 445-4884). He saved our 1927 ceiling. He repaired and cleaned, then plastered, sanded, then plastered and sanded again over several days. We then had to repaint the ceiling and part of our walls. But our original paint didn’t match the walls anymore. So suddenly we have to repaint the entire bathroom. Drat!

Took us over a week to pick new colors. A nice grey for the walls and white for the trim. Ya, I know, I am that overly analytical person. We finally settled on the colors and bought paint, brushes etc. ($140 Home Depot and Dunn Edwards). Being frugal, we decided we’d repaint the entire bathroom ourselves, doing it in sections a couple of hours a day (4-6pm) for 2 weeks. First the ceiling, then the walls and finally the trim. Though awkward, our work saved us around $400 in labor costs.

Now we wanted a new counter top and a display shelf above the toilet. We had grey Caesarstone remnants, but we needed someone to fabricate and install it. We got several quotes of $300 + and several contractors passed, saying it was too small a job.

Since the walls were now grey, I decide that our wonderful grey Caesarstone would be too dark and monochromatic. We should brighten up the room with some Carrera Marble instead. So I got looking around for Marble remnants at Slab Yards and Craigslist getting quotes of $120-$300 for unfinished Marble remnant pieces. Really!

Then I found Artak at Arts Stone Work. He said he’d normally have to charge me $300 for such a small job, but if we could wait a bit, and work around his schedule, he’d do for half. Since we work from home, we’re flexible.

I also mentioned wanting to use Carrera Marble. He show’d me a picture of a remnant he had left at his home studio. He’d bring the remnant by to see if I liked it and we’d figure it out from there.

The next day he comes with an already cut, polished and edged, Carrera Marble pieces. He installed them quickly, asking for only $150 for the install including the Marble remnant pieces. I was thrilled. That Carrera Marble adds so much to our old bathroom. All we had to do was touch up the paint.

Total for the semi bathroom redo, $500. Not including the 30 hours of our labor. We celebrated with a bottle of sparkling wine.

The plasterer, Glenn was professional, knew how to work with a 90 year ceiling and did meticulous work. Highly recommend him. Glenn Shelton 818/ 445-4884.

Arts Stone Works is reasonable, fast and true to his word. Worth calling if you want to get a reasonable quote on a countertop. This sweet Armenian man’s English is a little hard to understand. But his honesty, follow through and quality work are worth that hurdle.

Arts Stone Works
(818) 403-3773
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