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By Suzanne O'Connor

In this recession, many of us are looking to save on everything…. Looking for rock bottom deals, choosing to become crafters by “doing it ourselves”. Instead of buying pre-made, we’re now sewing curtains, garments and home décor items. If you’re anywhere near the South Bay area, SAS Fabrics is just about the cheapest place on the planet to buy fabric and notions. Savings here are 60%-95% off original retail.

This liquidator of end of bolt, discontinued and overproduction fabrics sells all sorts of fabric, laces and trims by the pound or by the yard… whatever you prefer.  You’ll find almost every type of fabric here from upholstery, to denim, chiffon to silks and woolens all at jaw dropping killer prices. The most expensive fabrics in the store were $9.99 a yard. Most ran in the $2.99-$3.99. If you were buying by the pound pricing hovered at $1.99 to $2.99 a lb.

This large store has easy parking in the back and reasonably good organization. Fabrics are sectioned off by type, but do overlap a tad. If you need over 10 yards of anything except trim, this store probably won’t work for you. Most bolts are over halfway gone and cut pieces tend to run a yard to 5 yards. So your project should be smaller in scope.

I went right to the upholstery fabrics. A thick gold brocade was $7.99 yard instead of $20-$30 a yard. A brown and gold Fleur De Lis patterned fabric was also a great buy at $.99 instead of $25 a yard.  A thick floral tapestry fabric was just $3.99 a yard. A sophisticated geometric patterned upholstery fabric was $3.99 a yard instead of $40 a yard.  There’s a ton of vinyl fabrics at $3.99 a yard.  A 90” wide white eyelet was pre-cut at approx 5 yard for $5.99 a yard A blue cotton velvet upholstery fabric was $3.99 a yard. Some thicker linen was $5.99 a yard and upholstery trims and tassels ran 99 cents to $1.50 a yard. A cotton toile home décor fabric was pre cut (approx 3 yards)  at $3.99 a yard They also had 12 x 12” poly pillow inserts at $3.50 each and 20” x20” poly pillow inserts at $5 each.

Pre cut blue denim was $1.99 a pound. Bolts of chiffon in bright colors were $1.99 a yard. A poly satin was only $1.99 a yard. Cotton and nylon jerseys knits were $1.99 a yard. Grey wool suiting fabrics was $8.99 a yard… and they had a lot of it.  Some polar fleece was pre cut at $4.99 a yard. Some bold lycra prints were $6.99 a pound and cotton flannel was $2.99 a yard.

If you’re into patchwork quilting the fabric by the pound is your best bet with row upon row of patterned cottons and rayons at $1.99-$3.99 a pound.

Lots of lace trims by the pound and home décor trim here at 50 cents to $2.99 a yard. Buttons are 10 cents each. Zippers are 25 cents each.  Tassel curtain tie backs are $6.99 each… and these are the big ornate ones.

Inspirational ideas soar here with some many fabrics at silly low low pricing. You’ll be inspired to start or finish that project…. And by getting your fabric here, it will cost you a whole lot less.

SAS Fabrics Inc
13500 S. Hawthorne Blvd.,
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(310) 978-8985
Cash/ CC/ Checks… No amex
All sales final.