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Pink Plum

By Suzanne O'Connor

If like me, you love to hunt for deals at Flea Markets, Thrifts and Vintage stores, you’ll love Pink Plum in Pasadena. This classic vintage, retro store has a wide array of items ranging from knick knacs and jewelry to furniture, home deco, shoes, clothing and accessories all under one roof at prices that are much less than what you’d expect.

Here they keep it real with vintage, used and antiques items generally running 20%-70% less than antique malls. There is some schlock mixed in with the gems, as well as the weird, wonderful and odd ball items. A good eye and a sense of adventure is required.

As an antique / thrift store hound, I have no problem digging and hunting through stuff. But this store is well organized; so hunting is more pleasure than work. Within just a couple of minutes of arrival I was already finding great “diamonds in the raw” at super affordable prices.

Highlights of my visit included 2, 1940’s Mahogany caned dining chairs, needing just a bit of attention (Howard’s Restore a Finish would work beautifully) were priced at $54 for both instead of $90. A kid’s 1970’s painted, high-boy dresser was just $49. It should have been marked at $90-$130.  A 1960’s, L shaped, wood and laminate desk was just $250. I’d seen similar at $650-$700 in the same condition. A Tanker desk lamp was just $55.  Some red, faux leather, 1950’s upholstered side chairs were $200 for the pair.

Vintage apparel runs the gamut here from 1930’s-1990’s.  Like the home section, this section is well organized making the hunt all the more fun. I spotted 1950’s mint cashmere beaded tank sweater for just $11 instead of $25-$40…I should have bought it.  A 1950’s British Vogue yellow women’s cardigan was just $9.95. A 1970’s mint, Oleg Cassini evening jacket was $12.95. Some worn, but still cute, 1990’s Vaneli leopard loafers were $7.  A men’s mint, grey wool gabardine trench coat was a steal at $24.99. I’d pay $150 for this quality. A Joseph Magnum ivory lace top was just $9.95 An I Magnin 1960’s blue silk cocktail dress in pristine condition was only $18.95. This dress would easily sell for over $130 elsewhere. A Vintage 1970’s peach lace dress was $24.

I should have spent more time here, but since they don’t have air conditioning, even with fans running and water in hand, after 45 minutes…. I was melting.

The help was pleasant, smart and made us feel welcome.  She let us dig and hunt without interruption, but was accessible when we had a question.

I can hardly wait to go back and shop just for fun. Unique deals abound here. You’ll love it!

Pink Plum
2580 E Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 584-0046
Cash/ CC w/ fee
Easy street parking
Open M, W-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm, Closed Tuesdays