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LFT by No Rest for Bridget

By Suzanne O'Connor

Cute, trending women’s fast fashion has it’s place in our closets. It adds fun and festiveness to our wardrobe. But finding it for less… well that’s even more fun!

The LFT by No Rest for Bridget Outlet does just that. Here you’ll find past seasons overstock plus some pieces from the current selection at the regular stores.

A bright and well-organized boutique, you’ll save 30-85% here on women’s dresses, tops, jumpers, rompers, sweaters, shoes and more with deals as low as a $1.99 on their “Last Chance “ rack.

The bulk of the store is 30-60% off original retail.

Great buys included a Lush Striped dress for $19 instead of $49. An in season Blush top was $20 instead of $30. Vervet Denim jeans were $40 instead of $53. An Illa Illa jumpsuit was $20 instead of $60. A Mak sweater was $13 instead of $34. A Final Touch top was $10 instead of $36. An Everly ruffled wrap dress was $30 instead of $55. Some Flying Monkeys jeans were $40 instead of $75. A Soprano knit gathered top was $13 instead of $35. A Lelis dress was $4.99 instead of $50. A Sadie & Sage maxi jumpsuit was $17 instead of $64 and a Love Stitch Blouse was $20 instead of $60.

You will find a few retail items in store. But very often they have specials so even those items get discounted.

All sales are final here. Happily this outlet has dressing rooms. Do try on items and examine the details, especially if they are on the steepest discounts.  A $3.99 dress I tried on after purchase, had problems with the sleeves. A $20 visit to my tailor fixed the issue. I still save $20.

The help here is friendly, smart and fun to work with. New items come in regularly.

LFT is a gem of an outlet for women of any age! How fun!

LFT By No Rest For Bridget
3033 Bristol St.,Ste P
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(657) 245-3535

Cash/ CC/ NO Debit
M-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun. 11aam-6pm