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Jack Winter Auto Inspection

Auto Inspection

By Suzanne O'Connor

I have a confession to make… my husband and I are car killers. We each drive 20,000-30,000 a year. Though we regularly change the oil, neither of our cars gets much attention.

We started killing cars after getting burned in a car lease. We went way over on the allotted mileage and had to pay the leasing company serious cash when we decided to turn the car in. We decided to own outright from then on.

We buy used cars… often cars 6-10 years old and drive them till die. Shopping for a good used car takes some research and a good mechanic. After doing the initial homework on the car ourselves, including web search, consumer reports buying guide and a test drive, we call in our favorite roving mechanic, Jack Winters, to inspect the car.

Mom, myself, and my husband have used Jack’s services on and off over the last decade with our cars and know him to be honest and extremely knowledgeable. He looked over mom’s 1995 Honda wagon when she wanted to keep it after her lease was up in 2000. He recommended several minor repairs and said the car was in good condition. She kept the car an additional four years without any problems.

We used Jack when we wanted to sell our 12 year old Dodge last spring. After inspecting the car, Jack recommended a few repairs and we decided to keep it for one more year. By following his advice, we got another year without any mechanical difficulties or any car payments.

Jack checks out your car completely… He gives it a full computer scan and checks out the front end, back end, engine, transmission, fuel systems, brakes, hoses, belts, electrical and cooling systems, accessories… the works. He test drives it and then gives you a written evaluation. Since he does not have a repair shop, you know his recommendations are not biased.

Jack Winters has been in the car repair and evaluation business for decades having worked for Cadillac for many years and last 15 doing car inspections. He doesn’t work on Exotic cars…Lamborghini’s, Porches and the like. But if you need an imported or domestic, truck, sedan, SUV, van, or sport car and don’t want to buy new, have Jack check it out for you. He charges $100 for a complete inspection and will go to almost any location in Southern California.

We are again in the market for a car since the old standby Dodge was in a fender bender last month. We’ve contacted Jack again to arrange for him to go over several cars we are considering. He has never steered us wrong. He is also the mechanic “Lemon Law” attorneys use to prove their case. To say he knows his stuff is putting it mildly. Since we drive more than most folks and “kill” cars routinely, Jacks input gives me the knowledge I need to drive all of Southern California without worry. His service is a worth while investment for an unbiased assessment of your car. Now if we could just do something about the price of gas.

Jack Winters Auto Inspection
(800) 700-0109