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It’s Back to School Again!

By Suzanne O'Connor

Good Lord… It’s back!  The dreaded Back to School spending spree. So let’s start with the best sources for the basics. What they may need right now:

School Supplies:
-Hint: Get a list from your school if possible.

Market West,  9839 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, 91311
-This funky warehouse carries overstock, discontinued, and freight damaged liquidated stock from Staples. No frill shopping, you may have to dig, but you’ll easily save 30%-70%.

Keep an eye out for deals at Office Depot & Staples. Be wary of buying everything there.  The loss leaders are usually great buys but in short supply.


Since your kid’s foot is growing, I would not buy online. Take the time to take them in store.
I like Nordstrom’s Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Famous Footwear….

And the Skecher’s Outlets. About half of each store is discounted 20-60%. With over 12 outlets in Southern California you have lots of choices.
Here’s the link to ALL their locations:

If your kid need real running shoes for track, make sure you get the shoe fit by an expert. It’s worth the money.

Laptops, Computers:

If you child needs a laptop, tablet or desktop, look for online deals at manufacturers outlets.
Best bets are the Factory Refurbished product. These are newish, recently returned product that has been gone over by the manufacturer. Only get Factory Refurbished computers from the actual manufacturer. 2nd and 3rd party product don’t always hold up as well.

Know what you need and how you or your kid will use a computer before you buy and when you find it, pounce immediately. Do not wait.  Savings run 20%-50%.

Dell Outlet

HP Business Outlet

Machintosh Refurbished product

Check with the business you work for and see if they are about to upgrade their computers. See if you can purchase their older computers. Or you can give them your old computer and get yourself a new one.

Our personal pick for our daughter was a Samsung Chrome Book from Best Buy. Bought 4 years ago, this basic computer workhorse is used now for all of her College and professional work. Downside is you can’t add programs to it.

Since they will probably still be wearing some Summer apparel the next few weeks. You an probably just pick up the basics in socks, undies etc. and hold off a bit till you see what the kids are wearing before you purchase.

If your kid wears uniforms, check with your school to see if they have a swap or used school uniform sale and also check with the manufacturer to see if they have sales ever. Many of these uniforms are nearly indestructible.
If you have a tween or teen, introduce them to your neighborhood thrifts & vintage stores. Here they can afford to try out their unique style for less. OY!

Children’s Consignment stores and organized consignment sales offer terrific bargains on everything from baby to tween. 

LA Kids Consignment Sale 
Savvy Chic Kids Consignment Sales
Urban Kids Consignment   OC
UP UP and Away Kids Consignment   

As most parents are overwhelmed most of the time, take a minute to acknowledge ... YOU GOT THIS!