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By Suzanne O'Connor

With our new home comes new décor, new window treatments and new upholstery. After getting most my curtains through Villa Firenze Warehouse, I went to the wholesale textile district in downtown Los Angeles to search for more fabric for other drapery, pillows and some furniture I was having reupholstered.

Just one block east of the infamous Santee Alley, is Maple Ave. Here you’ll find dozens and dozens of wholesale textile jobbers selling fabric, trim, foam, pillows, beading and accessories for 40%-70% below retail. I started at Michael Levine’s. On the West side of the street, their home décor store feel like a regular fabric store but has fabrics at wholesale. Thousands of fabrics here… from chenille to silks and cottons, to leather, vinyl, brocades and tapestries, all in one place.

I found some amazing blue, beige, white and brown stripped wool/ silk/ poly blend fabric for my dining chairs at $21 a yard instead of $44. at 54” wide I got 3 yards.  I also found a great buy on some black & white cotton ticking at $7 a yard instead of $13. I bought 15 yards for breakfast nook and kitchen curtains. I also got one yard of a lovely silk lavender velvet for $26 instead of $50. You’ll also find lots of silk upholstery fabrics at $6.99-$11.99 a yard and heavy chenille’s at $24.99 instead of $39.

A walk next door to Shana Fabrics found me snapping up great buys on some silk and poly blend upholstery fabric at $2.99-$4.99 a yard instead of $20.I bought 3 yards for a chair and a bench pad. But the super buy was 13 tasseled curtain tie backs at $5.99 each instead of $13… I saved $85 just on those.  If I had gone to a Bed Bath & Beyond type of store, not only would I have paid a ton more but I’d be running around from store to store trying to get all 13 that I needed.

Across the street at Glamour Fabrics I found a heavy weight floral tapestry for a bedroom chair at $9.99 instead of $35. I got 6 yards. And At Europe Fabric I found some beaded tasseled trim at $2.50 a yard instead of $6.

There many more dealers than these few. Each dealer here seems to have their niche and most are very helpful though it may seem pushy. They will wheel and deal for quantity and cash, so don’t be afraid to bargain a bit. Take your color swatches and measurements before you go.

Parking is street, lot or on a roof top lot and runs $5-$8 depending upon the day. Look for the crazy guys with the flags waving you down. By shopping in the wholesale district I was able to save over $400 on fabric allowing me to get what I really wanted and not settling for something less expensive. Definitely worth the extra effort.

Michael Levine, 920 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, 90015 (213) 622-6259
Shana Fabric, 906 S. Maple Ave, Los Angeles 90015   (213) 622-6768
Glamour Fabrics 910 ½ S. Maple Ave., Los Angeles 90015 (213) 627-3889
Europe Fabric, 909 S. Maple Ave., Los Angeles 90015 (213) 489-5056