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Chiropractic Care

By Suzanne O'Connor

This last winter, I needed some chiropractic adjustments.

Considering our difficult move in February, the stressful renovations and a long history of old dance related back injuries, I needed to get back in alignment. I also was hoping to start a more serious work out regime this Spring and knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the exercise if I was out of alignment.

I have had dozens of different chiropractors over the years and some were stellar and some weren’t. One lady that I had tried and liked was Mary Kaiser Cole in La Canada. She was particularly good at an overall wellness approach, injury healing and body alignment maintenance. Though she has a massage therapist on staff, she also gives you a short, “no holds barred” massage around your problem areas before she adjusts you.  I use to pop in once every 6-7 months. But after a very long time away, now I needed more regular visits.

I started going to Mary Kaiser Cole in early March. It took nearly four visits to get my neck to relax and release. Since the first 4 visits I’ve been going in once a week and each time my body stays in alignment longer so very soon I can cut back to once a month.

Reasonably priced an initial office visit is $50 with additional visits at $45. Her office also has a prepaid “ cash” plan which offers substantial savings, particularly if you need to go in multiple times.

Prepaid Monthly Savings Plan:
4 visits at $160… a total savings of $20
8 visits at $280… a total savings of $80

But it was the yearly plan we opted for. 12 visits at $300…. A total savings of $240. Making this extremely affordable at $25 a visit, especially if you need to go in regularly. You can use them all up in a couple of months or spread them out throughout the year. Either way, you save 40%. For regular office visits you can use your health insurance but the volume cash savings plans are cash only.

She also works on kids, does blood nutrition consultations, uses hot packs, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and is one of the few local chiropractors that does NAET allergy treatments.

You can read up on Mary Kaiser Cole here. But you’ll find, as I did not only is she highly qualified, well trained, hard working chiropractor…. But she is a really nice lady too.

Mary Kaiser Cole
Back in Balance Health Center
4515 Castle Rd., #B
La Canada, CA 91011