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Superior Nut Company

Grocery: Nuts, Candies, Dried Fruit

By Suzanne O'Connor

The Fall is the season for entertaining, baking and gift giving. If like me, you like to entertain, bake and give gift baskets, you need to know about Superior Nut Company.
This wholesaler of nuts, dried fruit and candy, operates a retail store out of their wholesale offices selling at 30%-65%  below retail.

Though I was able to price match several items at Smart & Final and Costco, the sheer selection is worth a drive over to load up for the season. You can just about find everything you need in nuts, dried fruit, candy and more for baking or cooking, all in one location. The packaging sizes are not so big that you can’t buy for the shorter term. The pricing is wholesale, so you really can’t lose.

Some items I picked up included:

8 oz of ground cinnamon for $1… retail is $4-$5
4 oz of ground nutmeg for $1.35…retail is around $5
8 oz sliced almonds at $2.75….retail is around $6
1 lb whole almonds at $4.65… retail is about $9-$10
1 lb pumpkin seed at $4.25….. retail is $9-$11
8 oz Candy Corn at $1.10…. retail is about $4-$5
8 oz shredded coconut for $1…. retail $3.50-$4.50
8 oz dried cranberries at $2
4 oz black pepper for $.95

Since I go into that area of town every couple weeks, I will probably pick up more goodies for gift baskets at a later date. It’s fast, discount shopping directly from the distributor.

Superior Nut Company
5200 Valley Blvd.
Los Angeles 90032

Open M-F 8am-4pm, Sat (9am-2pm)
Street & lot parking
Cash/ CC