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A New Downtown Flea Market

By Suzanne O'Connor

Vintage enthusiasts? Then catch a new Flea this weekend!

This next Sunday 7/28 (10am-4pm), the new DTLA Flea Market will be take over four parking lots in Downtown’s Historic Core (3rd & Spring) and feature up to 400 vendors selling new and vintage goods.

Long time Flea Market creator, Phillip Dane (Truck It Fest, Fairfax High, Dodger Stadium, Hollywood Roof Top Flea Markets etc), promises plenty of hip “Etsey “ type vendors along with vintage and antique wares. You’ll also find a scavenger hunt, live music,  a DJ, Gourmet food trucks, a beer garden and of course, plenty of fun shopping.

This new addition to L.A. Shopping scene happens on the 4th Sunday of every month. If ya are planning on hitting the new DTLA Flea Market his weekend, here are some tips for shopping Flea Markets vintage vendors.

1. Bring a tape measure to see if it will fit you…. or fit in your space or through your front door.
2. Examine everything thoroughly before you purchase! Vintage items are used.
3. Look for quality in craftsmanship: hand stitching, quality materials, dovetail joints, fabric content and seams, hardwoods, hand made etc. Know your designer labels.
4. Think about the cost of altering, framing, re-finishing, reupholstering or refurbishment before you buy.
5. The best items tend to be gone by mid-day. But creative’ Out of the box” thinkers can always spot a great buy.
6. Cash is still king at Flea Markets.
7. Sharpen up on your haggling skills before you go. You’ll be haggling with the best.
8. Better deals are cut at the end of the day.
9. Always use your good manners and be friendly. They make cut you a better deal just cause you’re nice.
10. Plan transportation of your new larger treasure before you shop.

DTLA Flea Market
4 parking lots located between 2nd and 3rd Main to Broadway.
246 S. Spring St., Los Angeles 90012.

Parking will be available in the 6 story Joe’s Parking structure ($4) located bewteen 2nd and 3rd on Spring Street.

Admission is $5