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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Relying Too Much on Technology

By Suzanne O'Connor

We love technology. It does make many things in our life faster and easier. We actively use a lot of it. Waze and Google Maps, Amazon Echo and dozens of different Smart phone apps as well as owning 5 computers ad an iPad.

We get it.

That said, we also do not let technology rule our lives. Nor do we let apps and programs make decisions for us. We don’t let convenience rule our decision making or technology supersede choice.

Though Waze and Google Maps have been incredibly useful, I still know how to read a map and navigate. I still have Maps in my glove box. I may consult Waze, but I don’t let it make decisions for me.

We also do not let an app tell us if a clothing item will fit us. The truth is nothing replaces trying on a garment. You have to touch the fabric, feel the fit and see how a garment moves with your body. Each of us has a slightly different body.

Amazon wants us to use them solely for all purchases. We purchase 2-3 items a month but only items we know a great deal about.

We don’t shop Amazon the way they want us to shop it. We don’t do “Show Rooming” shopping. If we go to Best Buy to check on a product, they spend time with us and the item is well priced, we buy from them. Their time / our time has value.

I do not rely on “Fit” programs to dictate my fitness level. I use them as a reference but use how my body feels as the guide. I’ve worked out for decades. My knowledge of my own body supersedes anything an app my tell me.

I do not let nutrition apps or calorie / diet apps dictate what or how much I should eat. They’re great as a guide,  but I sometimes eat next to nothing and sometimes eat more than I should based on what my body tells me. When it tells me to eat meat, I eat meat. When I want veggies, I eat veggies…. and when I want Ice Cream, I eat Ice Cream.

Retailers and manufacturers use technology to help persuade you to buy.  If you saw the product in person you may buy it. That’s one reason many online retailers have added sizing/ fit apps to their sites. It’s simply to increase their profits.

To get the best product, best information and the best deal, technology is a great tool. But it’s only a tool. At our home, we will not give up our own judgment and let technology make decisions for us, ever.

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