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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Customer Service Surprise

By Suzanne O'Connor

A last minute fashion crisis hit our house this last Sunday… the kid’s favorite pair of jeans from American Eagle busted a zipper. Her favorite pair… and school started the next day. She was near hysterical.  You’d think the world had come to an end….

I could have taken them in to have it fixed at $20-$25, but I got ticked off that a 2 month old pair of jeans would break like that so soon. So ticked off was I, that I braved the Glendale Galleria to return them without the receipt.

As you can imagine, parking was a nightmare, the mall was packed and is in the middle of a redo. The throngs of shoppers made walking quickly impossible and after trying to find the American Eagle store that used to be there, I was told they had moved to the Americana across the street.

Since I had already suffered the worst of it, I bravely headed across the street.

I was ready to do battle, had all my reasoning thought out and was ready to argue the point. But I was received with a happy, helpful attitude when I went into the store.  Of course they’d exchange them! They went to pull the same pair in her size and did the exchange in under 5 minutes! Nice to see a company back up its product. What a nice surprise!

Battling the crowds and parking was the hardest part of the day and I still I had to do some research in Pasadena. So on route, I stopped at Joy Reflexology at the Paseo Colorado for a quick back massage… A 10 minute massage is $12 and 20 minute massage is $20.  And a 30 minute massage was $30. I went for the 30 minute. No appointment necessary.

It’s in the Kiosk/ walkway area of the mall and is outside. There’s no disrobing, no lotion and they keep it clean. They also do foot massage. Great pick me up and de-stresser! Totally put me back in my ” Happy Place”

That was where I discovered this weeks Latest Bargain Find….

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