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Monday, September 22, 2014

Craig’s List Find

By Suzanne O'Connor

Like most everyone, I want the best stuff for next to nothing. As a realist, I am aware how rare that is. So I often check out thrifts and garage sales as well as Craig’s List for items I want on the cheap that need little to no refurbishment. But you have to be picky and thoroughly inspect every item, which can be a hassle.

There are many, many items that you can buy used. And there are some that you shouldn’t. This last week we bought two items that you should …and shouldn’t buy used.

Our mattress took a beating this last 6 months. Our kitten vomited all over our bed. Then three weeks ago, I tripped and spilled Split Pea soup on the same mattress. Yuck! Our 4-poster, brass bed frame was 20 years old and I had had enough of it.  It was too busy and ornate. Time to get both a new bed and a new mattress.

However, with a bedroom full of family antiques, a sleek modern bed wouldn’t work. But a sleek Sleigh Bed would tie everything in nicely. They didn’t make antique sleigh beds in a queen size so we had to look for something from the 1950s to the 1990’s to find a quality bed of hard wood. So the hunt was on.

Really good, well made mattresses sets are not cheap. Even at a bargain price they start at around $700 and can run well over $2000. Our budget could not absorb both a new mattresses set and a new bed. So we initially settled on just getting a good mattress set and postponing a new bed.

That idea went out the door when I spotted a gorgeous, well built Sleigh Bed and mattress set on Craigs List for just $300. Geez, a used mattress….that could be gross! But we decided to take look at it anyway.

Glad we did. The bed was located in a guest room in a large, well-kept, nicely decorated home in West Hills. The mattress was slept on 3 times and looked new. After super close inspection, we bought it and the Sleigh Bed for just $300.

The mattress was a super clean, firm Serta.  The Sleigh Bed was made in early 1990’s and constructed of mostly solid hard woods with some thick veneer. Looks very much like a bed I saw at Pottery Barn back in the day. A really beautiful bed, with clean elegant lines in really good condition and was easily worth $600 used.

We temporarily solved the mattress issue. I don’t suspect we’ll get more than a few years out of it. But technically, it was free, cause we would have paid that for just the Sleigh Bed.

Another Craig’s List deal!

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