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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Friday Shopping Tips

By Suzanne O'Connor

Julia Scott over at Bargain Babe recently asked shopping tips for Black Friday….
I don’t shop on Black Friday.

I hate Black Friday and avoid the insanity at all costs. The Black Friday shopping scene is unnecessary if you’ve been following my leads for deals. No need to participate in all the hysterics and chaos.

However, the only things I may consider hitting the stores for are items that never go on sale… PS3, Xbox, higher end sound systems, or specialty flat screen TV’s… or perhaps new car special… otherwise I stay home, eat pie, Thanksgiving leftovers and play some Beatles Rock Band while hanging with friends and family.

If you have to shop on Black Friday several things come to mind:

1. Make a list of specific items you are looking for. Know sizes, color preferences, needs and stick to your list.
2. Do your homework. Find out whos’ got what at what price before you shop. Know how much you can afford to spend before you hit the stores.
3. Wear sturdy/ athletic shoes, comfy clothes and plan on “hands Free” shopping. Leave your stilettos and fancy handbag at home.
4. Do not take the kids, boyfriend, spouse or gossipy girlfriend.  Only take someone with you that you can “team” shop with.  Shopping on Black Friday is work and will need your full focus and attention.
5. Have a plan of attack. Be prepared to move fast and pounce quickly.
6. Hang on to your manners. No item, regardless of price is worth pushing, shoving and being rude for. This is after all, just stuff.
7. Eat well before you shop and take a bottle of water with you.
8. Be grateful. If you have the money to shop, remember there are those this year who don’t.
9. If you hate crowds try shopping online for deals. Deals can be found throughout the Holiday season, especially on Cyber Monday 11/30.
10. Leave a bit of wiggle room in your budget for the unexpected bargain buy.

Stay alert, hang tough and be a smart shopper ! I’ll be thinking about ya while I’m eating pie! Although… I may combine eating pie with shopping on the web.

Here are some great web resources for finding up to the minute in store deals:

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