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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Always tell ‘em BargainsLA sent ya!

By Suzanne O'Connor

You can’t assume anything when you’re bargain shopping. If a product is discounted, there is a reason. I want to find out why.

When I research, I ask direct questions. How did the product get here? What year is it from? Who liquidated it? How can they sell it so cheaply? Anything wrong with it?

Lately I have been running into push back from businesses who don’t want to share that information with me. It’s like they are keeping a secret. I have to try to get the answer by navigating around the edges. Even If I told them that I wouldn’t share the specifics with my audience, that I just have to know…. I still get the side step.

Having been around the block a few times, I can usually figure it out by myself. But when I can’t, I have to pass on reviewing the business, especially if there is no one who is willing to answer some basic questions.

Smart business tend to share their info more freely. They know that savvy shoppers want details before they drive and layout some cash.  I wish I could convince all business to be more upfront. But alas, even after 15 years doing this I still get some resistance.

Even with a well established, good reputation, I still get marketing directors and PR peeps who have never heard of me or the site. One director of marketing for a Sample Sale I contacted this week insisted they had never heard of They were stunned that I called to find out the facts of the sale and wasn’t just using the graphic flyer.

That’s when sharing you heard about their business or their Sample Sale from us really matters. Always “Tell ‘em BargainsLA sent ya! “They start trusting us more, plus we get better discounts for you and better inside scoop about when, why and where the best discounted product is.

So don’t forget, “Tell ‘em BargainsLA sent ya! Now, go sic ‘em!

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