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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Allergy Issues

By Suzanne O'Connor

I normally don’t share personal stuff, but if any of you are having Sinus issues, you may want to read this.

I have had a constant stuffy runny nose for over 10 years. Fogginess and fatigue plague me. I’ve consulted with many doctors and tried most medications both over the counter and by prescription. Improvement, if any was temporary and I don’t want to be having to take medication forever.

I visited my 4th ENT doctor, in May. During that initial visit he suggested I double up on my nasal spray and stuck a Nasal Sinus Endoscope up my nose for 15 seconds. He charged my insurance company $450, plus the consultation fee of $300. My PPO insurance, Blue Shield picked up most of the tab on that one. Total time in: 2 hours, with only 10 minutes with the doctor.

I went back 3 times and he did the same thing during every visit, charging me a lot for nothing and suggesting I have surgery every visit even though my Cat Scan came up clear.

Before my last visit, I consulted an allergist who did a food allergy test. That came up clean. A general allergy test came up clean, except for mold.

I have complained of fatigue, fogginess, and a constant stuffy or runny nose that wasn’t from anything specific to every doctor I went to.

I thought the issue could be food related after I did a 3-day Fast last winter during which ALL my symptoms disappeared. My ENT didn’t think anything of that.

In July, I consulted my new primary physician, Dr. Teresa Swida. Holistic in her approach, she advised me to do a couple of blood tests and to cut sugar, dairy & grains out of my diet, believing the problem was more than likely linked to yeast, mold or a fungus. She spent 40 minutes with me.

Blood test finally came back showing specific food sensitivities, a probable Leaky Gut issue and a big Candida problem.  All three can contribute to allergies and sinus problems. No other doctor had ever suggested any of these as a possible cause.

So I’ve started a protocol of rotating what foods I eat, yeast killing medicine, digestive enzymes and stronger probiotics. Since this protocol can take awhile, I’m hoping for great results. I’ll keep ya posted, but I already feel better.

I am so very disappointed in Western Medicine approach to sinus issues. Medications & Surgery are not always the answer. We have to look deeper into our health.

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